Monday, September 13, 2010

On my Nook: Soul Identity & Soul Intent

I just finished reading Soul Identity by Dennis Batchelder.  It was amazing!

I was pretty skeptical when I first started this book. I'm not a sci-fi type of gal and don't usually enjoy stories that are overly techy. But the more I read this book, the faster I needed to know what was going to happen next. I loved every minute of it! The main character is funny and engaging and the supporting characters were well developed and entertaining. I loved the casual voice of the author and can't wait to dig into his next book. I highly recommend this one!

Soul Intent, the sequel, is next up on my reading list. 

Here's the description of Soul Intent:

In 1946, soon-to-be-executed Nazi General Hermann Goering asks young Soul Identity overseer Archibald Morgan to take his looted gold and deposit it in a soul line collection, there to await his soul's rebirth.  Flora, a seventeen-year-old Gypsy girl whose father died in the Dachau concentration camp, is sure that Goering stole the gold. She struggles to persuade Morgan to reject the Nazi's deposit, but Morgan prevails. Sixty-four years have passed. A repentant Morgan opens Goering's collection and discovers the gold is gone. In its place lies a cryptic journal. Morgan asks security expert Scott Waverly to find the thief and recover the gold. Scott must race through Europe to uncover the elusive secrets of what really happened in Nuremberg... secrets that threaten to reopen old wounds, settle old scores, and lead to the gold's-and his own soul's-recovery.

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