Friday, September 03, 2010

My Book Cover

The cover of my new book
The cover of my book is so cool! (If you haven't heard about The Big Book Project, get updated here.)

I had the design printed on postcards that I handed out at the Cincinnati Obesity Help conference and I was thrilled with the positive feedback I received. And for those who weren't in Cincinnati and didn't get a copy of the postcard --- now is your chance!

If you'd like a postcard mailed to you, just ask! Fill out the contact information form on my website and I'll get one in the mail for you. If you want to receive an email notice when the book is available for sale, then leave your email address in the form too.

Right now I'm shooting for a release date of November 13th -- which will be my 3 year surgery anniversary. And I seem to be on track with my writing that I'll hit my deadlines. Keep your fingers crossed that I stay on track!  LOL!

I couldn't have done this without all your support and encouragement. My readers are so awesome! I love you all!

Can't wait for you to get your hands on these postcards (and soon, the book too!).



  1. how much would this book cost?
    living in Israel with no American credit card or checks, I find myself frustrated at not being able to purchase your writing. suggestions?
    I'm on your FB and OH pages.
    Mikimi Steinberg (godzilla)

  2. @mikimi - I haven't decided on a price yet (that'll depend on a few things that I won't know until I'm done writing). But don't worry, I'll figure out a way to get you a copy of the book even if I have to mail it to you myself. You're too special to me to not get you a copy! (hugs!)

  3. Thank you. I don't post much on OH/FB but I read.
    I just wish I were not so addicted to food. I would like to lose another 15-20 kilo. Being short (5ft) sure screws up the BMI options!


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