Friday, August 06, 2010

Emergency Beach Visit

I keep my beach chair in the trunk of my car ... Just  in case I need to go to the beach on a moment's notice. Today happens to be the sort of day that screamed for the need of some good quality beach time.

I'm at the Seven Lakes State Park in Holly, Michigan. It's my first time here and it is beautiful, peaceful, perfect. There's a beach, but I drove passed it on a quest to explore more of the park. I've ended up back by the boat launch where the water laps right up to the grassy edge of the shore. No sand here but that's alright with me. I'm sitting on a picnic table in the sun and the only sound is a distant lawm mower and the breeze through the trees. Nobody is back here but me.

I'll make my way back around to the beach in a bit (can't resist having my toes in the sand) ... But for now I'll enjoy the solitude and get some thinking and meditation time in.

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