Friday, June 04, 2010

This Week

What have I been up to this week?  It's time for another bullet point list ....

  • Finals are next week - so all past-due homework (yes, there's some) needs to be finished and turned in this week. Also means that all major final projects need to be finished and turned in next week along with prepping for final exams and whatnot.
  • Decided to NOT take classes for the summer semester. It was sort of decided for me (not enough credit hours to take to fulfill student loan requirements) - but now that I am faced with a full 3.5 months of no school, I"m thrilled for the break.
  • But that doesn't let me off the hook for all school.  There are 6 classes I plan to try testing out of over the summer. If all goes well, that'll be 15 credit hours I got for free. Woot!
  • I want to write this summer.  The Protein Book is going to get a major overhaul.
  • Speaking of writing... I have about a dozen half-written blog posts ready to roll once I finish them. As soon as school is over and this golf outing is over, you guys are going to be buried in reading material.
  • My exercise lately has been very very bad. Need to fix that.
  • Got my hair cut and colors tonight -- it's super cute!
  • Work is ramping up again (did it ever let up from the last time it ramped up?) -- I'm in charge of the Fitness Expo again this year and my vendor registration forms just went out this week, so things will be busy with phone calls and emails and (hopefully) checks in the mail in the next couple weeks.
  • Did I mention a golf outing? I'm doing some volunteer work on a golf outing as their graphic designer. It's exciting to use my skills for it, but it's also a lot of work. So the next 3 weeks will be crazy with that too.
  • I gave away my living room chair (to charity) in the hopes that it'd motivate me to buy a new one. So far, no chair.  Bought a new desk chair though, and that's super comfy.
  • My first weeks without my GoWearFit has been strange. I keep reaching up to my arm to adjust it and realize it's not there. 
  • I met with my photography club this week and after our "meeting" we did a little impromptu photowalk. Except I didn't bring my camera to the meeting... so I just walked and talked and enjoyed the beautiful night air. I'm so glad that in all my busyness and hectic schedule that I've stayed active with the photog folks. I really enjoy the creativity of it. 
  • I'm the guest speaker at my surgeon's support group meeting on Monday - need to finish prepping my presentation and get materials together for that yet.
  • I've got shrimp in the oven for dinner that's nearly done..... 

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