Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Little Tour

As promised... here's a little tour of the new blog design.

  • It's so Pretty!  I've adapted a blog template from Our Blog Templates - I like the wider main column so posts can have big pictures and lots of space for my ramblings.  I'm loving the lighter colors too, makes it easier on the eyes than the black background the old version had.
  • Stay Connected - I've made it easy for you to stay updated.  Notice the links on the right column for RSS subscription or Email subscription.  If you follow lots of different blogs, I recommend getting a RSS Reader account -- I used Bloglines for years but recently have been trying out Google Reader. If it's easier for you to simply read my blog posts in your email inbox, there's now a way to do that.  Just click on the link --- > over there and sign up for the email service.  
  • Twitter - who knew I'd like Twitter!  I'm not very chatting there, but I do read a lot of great stuff from the people I follow.  Click the link under the birdy to follow me.  All blog posts are automatically linked to my Twitter account, so you'll be alerted when a new post is up for reading. 
  • Blogroll - I've finally gotten my blogroll rebuilt.  It's on the right column toward the end of the list.  Be sure to visit these folks - they've got lots of great things to talk about. Most are related to WLS, healthy living and nutrition... but you'll find a few other fun blogs in there too, like the Grey's Anatomy writers' blog.
  • Favorite Sites - Down in the footer you'll find a list of links to some of my favorite websites.  Some are related to WLS, some aren't.  Be sure to check out Podrunner and Best Workout Music -- two great sites for mp3s to load on your media player for workouts. 
  • Labels / Categories -- The label cloud on the right needs work. But keep an eye on that section, I'll be streamlining post labels to make things easier to find. 
Thanks for being here!  You mean a lot to me and I'm so glad I've got readers out there in cyberspace who actually read my ramblings.  Makes me glad I'm not just talking to myself (although, I'd probably still talk to myself even if you weren't here... so your presence just makes me less insane, right?).  


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