Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another Goal Acheived

Almost a year ago I wrote a post called Working Toward Normal. One of the goals I listed in that post was:

When I'm in a photo of a group of people, I want to be a normal size. I don't want to be the fattest person and don't need to be the smallest person either. But I just want to blend in and look normal.

This past weekend I was part of a photowalk at a local camera shop. I wanted to check out everyone else's photos from the walk so I went over to the shop's website this morning ... and look at the picture that was front and center.

It nearly brought tears to my eyes. (I know, I'm a sap.) But look at me, you guys! I'm a normal sized person in a group of people who are also normal sized. I look just like the rest of them. In fact, I had to look twice to find myself because I didn't stand out in the crowd as being the fattest person. (That's me in the middle of the front row in the black coat.) And what else? I didn't hide in the back row so nobody could see me.

So yes folks... I'm working toward being normal and today I feel like I'm one step closer to that goal. The photowalk group

If you want to check out the pictures I took on Saturday during the Alden B. Dow House photowalk, you can view them here. On the walk back to the camera shop, I took some more.. here.

The photo above was not taken by me (obviously since I'm in the pic). It was likely taken by an employee of the camera shop or maybe this one was by the wife of the instructor who gave the lecture before the photowalk - there were a few cameras going for this shot. So yeah, I'm totally stealing this picture, but I wanted to share it here anyway.


  1. Hey Pam! I've actually followed your blog for quite a while. I had WLS almost 2 years ago.

    One of my goals was to be able to lay on the floor/ground, take a pic, and then get up with out any help!

    Phjotography is pretty much my WLS hobby now! Great pics!

  2. Woo Hoo, that's an awesome accomplishment! Isn't it so funny that after almost 2 years, we still don't recognize ourselves!


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