Monday, October 26, 2009

Allergy Issues

Before my bariatric surgery I was taking a Rx for environmental allergies. I've never been tested for what exactly I'm allergic too... just seem to have had sneezing fits on a regular basis, so the doctor put me on a prescription to help control it. After surgery I stopped taking the meds and my allergies seemed to clear up completely. It was heavenly not to have to worry about allergy attacks. Unfortunately it hasn't lasted. In the past 6 months or so the sneezing has come back with a vengence. And when I say sneezing... I mean all day sneezing. Like 20-30 sneezes an hour for 12 hours straight (or longer). At first Benedryl was helping if I catch it early enough in the day, but lately the Benedryl isn't touching it. Last time I had a bad allergy day - which actually lasted about 3 days - I went in and talked to the pharmacist to get advice on an OTC medication. When I told him Benedryl wasn't helping he said that I needed to move up to a sleeping pill formula. Unisome is apparently the same drug as Benedryl, but in a high dose - which obviously makes you sleep. And it works! Like magic. But the problem with taking Unisome is that it takes a full 24 hours to clear from my system once I take it. Last night I finally gave up around 11:00 and took a Unisome. I was deeply asleep within 15 minutes and when the alarm went off this morning it was very difficult to get out of bed. The drive to work this morning was pretty scary because I was so drowsy and my eyes were so heavy. And now 12 hours after taking the pill, I'm still foggy headed and so bone-tired. I could seriously curl up under my desk and sleep for hours! But I'm not sneezing, at least! I have a doctor appointment next month and will talk to him about getting me back on a Rx as an ongoing allergy treatment so when I have these attack days, they aren't as bad. I'm not sure how I went 18 months with no signs of allergies, then suddenly they are back with such a full force. I'm not liking it at all! ~Pam


  1. wow, sound slike me. But, I fall asleep with Benadryl for a solid 6-7 hours and wake up without issues.

    I get allergy shots twice a month and don't know what i'd do if I couldn't get those!!!

  2. Hey Pammie-

    I switch back and forth between allergy meds. Zyrtec is working for me now, but that will last for a year or so, then I will have to switch to Claritin or something else. You can't be driving (or working) on Unisome!


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