Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Street Festival Fun

So Sunday after I finished the 10 miles in the morning, I decided to drive 40 minutes to the folk music festival. I mean... I'd only walked 10 miles, why not tack on a few more while I was out and about, right? Mostly I wanted to play with my camera and see what fun shots I could get. I got some good ones... but haven't had a chance to fully review or edit the whole batch. But I did get a couple I wanted to share. Lunch was Jamacian Jerk Chicken with all the fixin's. The chicken was a little bit dry, but very spicy and flavorful. The rice and beans were good, but rice doesn't sit well in my pouch, so I only had a few bites. The veggies were delicious and spicy. The cornbread was probably very good fresh out of the oven. I ate about 1/3 of this food before I was stuffed to the gills! DSC_0049 There was also a pretty cool area for artisans from all over the world. I'm not sure they actually came from around the world, but they were artisans representing many different cultures and countries. One of the booths was offering Henna Tattoos for a $10 donation to charity. I'd always admired the artwork of henna and wanted to give it a try. Here is a shot I had a bystander take while the gal was painting on my hand. Then below is a shot of the design today. It should last 2-3 weeks before it fades away. DSC_0030 CIMG0097 The music was great, the sun was shining (although it was very hot and humid) and the crowds were fun to watch. There was dancing and singing going on and I captured the fun atmosphere of the day. I got flirted with a time or two. Mostly I just sat and enjoyed the music and being outdoors on a hot summer day. ~Pam

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