Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Practice Race Day

Sunday morning was the practice Crim race. The entire training program (1500-ish people) and anyone else who wanted to run the course informally was invited to do the 10 miles together. I was suppose to meet my regular Tuesday night training group, but could only find 2 members - the rest of the group was no where to be found. So we walked alone. (Eventually a couple other members found us on the course later.) It was HOT. And HUMID. It felt like walking through a sauna and breathing humidifier air. The high of the day was around 94 degrees and I believe it was already creeping into the 80's when we started at 8am. It was exactly the same weather as last year's race and the first really hot and humid day we've had here in Michigan all summer. I was sweating before we even started! But I made pretty good time. In fact, I beat my time from last year by nearly 20 minutes. Now if everyone could please do a dance or sacrifice to the weather gods so we can have some beautiful weather for the real race in two weeks, that'd be nice. Distance: 10 miles Time: 2:56:46 Pace: 17-something Weather: hot, humid, sweltering. Sweated like a pig.

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