Sunday, June 07, 2009

Race Day

The weekend up at Mackinac Island was beautiful and relaxing. The weather on Saturday was beautiful and sunny (but the wind was very cold). Kristy and I did the 10k race during the Lilac Festival (although we never did see anything that looked festival-like). It was rainy on Friday when we arrive in town and rained Sunday when we left. But Saturday was sunny all day and eventually warmed up to a gorgeous day. My favorite part of the trip to the Island was when we had lunch on that patio overlooking the lake -- basking in the sun for a while. The big hill in the first mile of the race was a serious killer. For those who have done the Crim and know the Bradley Hills -- yeah, the Mackinac hill was a million times worse! Oh my! The rest of the course was scenic and a lovely chance to see some of the back part of the island. My goal was to finish the race in about 1:45 to 1:55 ... which would mean the same pace as a regular 5k race with an extra 5 minutes to play with. I actually finished at 1:40!! Distance: 6.2 miles Time: 1:40:13 Pace: 16:10 Weather: 45 degrees, sunny and windy

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