Monday, June 08, 2009

An outstanding book

I just wanted to share with you an outstanding book about walking for fitness and endurance. As part of the Crim Training Program we walkers received a book written by Jeff Galloway. He's an Olympic athlete who now designs walking and running training programs all over the United States. The Crim Training Program is designed by Jeff Galloway and I've been very happy with the program in the two years I've been a part of it. So I thought I'd pass along this resource to you. I took some time and read through much of the book this weekend and I'm thrilled with how simple, straightforward and no-nonsense it is. Jeff gives specific instruction for beginners on how to start a walking program but also gives training schedules for those who are more advanced and working toward a marathon or half marathon goal. He also goes over some basics in nutrition for walkers, what levels work best for fat burning and the physical and psychological benefits of walking.

Walking - A Complete Guide by Jeff Galloway

I highly recommend this book. It's an easy read and packed full of valuable information!


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  1. I ordered mine before last nights meeting.

    Good meeting by the way!

    ME :)


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