Sunday, April 05, 2009

Photog Weekend

Finally!  I spent the weekend with my camera.  I just never have enough time -- or maybe I don't actually TAKE enough time -- to get out and just relax and take pictures.  It felt good.  
Saturday I headed to Midland to Dow Gardens where they had the butterfly exhibit in the conservatory.  So surrounded by a million kids, I made my way through the crowd to find so many beautiful butterflies and flowers.  
Sunday I met a few new friends in a group for a photowalking event at Sloan Museum in Flint.  It was my first experience doing a group photography event like this, but it was pretty cool, actually.  I'm looking forward to more meetings with this group to do more photowalking days. 
Here's a few of my favorites from the weekend.
DSC_7430 DSC_7535 DSC_7595 DSC_7784
If you'd like to see more... here's the links:


  1. The photos are great Pam!! Especially the first one with the butterfly... beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous! Going to look at the rest.

  3. Great job Pam!

    What a nice way to spend your weekend.


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