Monday, April 06, 2009

A New Loser

One of my readers is having surgery tomorrow. Good luck Woody! Keep us posted on how it goes. Welcome to the loser's bench! ~Pam

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  1. Well the first few days were touch-n-go. Felt like Id been thru a terrible knife fight - and LOST. Then to make matters worse, day 4 post-op I went into a 103 degree fever. They think it was the drain they left in me, but back in the hospital via the ER for 3 days, and it all cleared up. Started walking pretty good right out of the box, but didn't start dropping any weight until about day 10 post-op. Slowly, and then WHAM. Here it is 4/21 (2 weeks post-op) & I'm down 35 pounds from the start of the liquid diet on 3/27.
    Now I feel really great, lots of energy and very little pain (of course 4 days ago I twisted wrong and evidently tore some scar tissue loose - very disconcerting ripping feeling and sharp pain, but no problemo! (Got checked out real quick. Walking a mile or more now & loving it.
    Love to all & I'll keep you posted!



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