Tuesday, April 07, 2009

One Pound

It's Tuesday. Which means it's my official weigh-in day. And I've lost 1 pound! So this morning's weight was 188.4. Because the scale has been playing games with me for the last 4 months fluctuating between 191 and 189, I would normally doubt that 188 reading. But since 188 has been holding steady for about a week now, I believe it. Yes, I've been peeking at the scale all week... but nothing counted until this morning's official weigh-in. This puts me at a total loss of 111 pounds. So was it the calorie reduction that did it? I don't know. Maybe. But I kind of doubt that was the reason because I first saw 188 only one day after beginning the 1100 calorie regimen. So I'm guess it was just a coincidence and that my body was ready to move down a pound. But for now, I'm going to stick with the 1000-1200 calorie range for another week to see how it goes. I actually took the weekend off (like normal) and didn't plan, track or count calories/food on Saturday or Sunday. I made wise, healthy choices, but I didn't plan every morsel. I probably ate more than the 1100 average I hit during the week... but I'm fine with that. One thing I've discovered about myself through this whole process is that I tend to rebel against rules unless I know exactly why I'm following them. I also can only deal with a rigid routine for so long before all I want to do it blow it off and do my own thing. So five days on a strict diet plan and 2 days of just making good choices... that's a routine I can live with. Here's to hoping that next week will show another pound loss. Keep your fingers crossed for me! ~Pam


  1. Hi Pam... Congrats on the scale victory! We were on vacation, and I'm afraid to step on my scale. I went overboard with sweets and portion sizes and paid for it. I'm hoping that I don't get a double-whammy!


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