Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Weekly Goals

At our last Bay City Support Group we each set a few goals to work on each week. I handed out the worksheet below so we could record our success as we worked to change our behaviors. Feel free to download the worksheet below and start your own set of weekly goals. 

Your goals do not need to be WLS or health related. This is a method to use for changing any type of behavior you want or for taking small steps towards a bigger goal. As you'll see below, not all of my goals this week are weight related. When I am on track with various things in my life, I tend to be more on track with my health related things. 

Don't forget to reward yourself!   And yes, if you don't hit your goals... you'll have to issue an appropriate punishment as well. 

For me rewards tend to be pampering in nature (pedicure, manicure, bubble bath) and punishments tend to be cleaning and decluttering in nature (spending 30 minutes sorting through crap in the storage room). Also remember that you can't be perfect 100% of the time, so when you set a goal don't expect to achieve it 7 days per week... set a number of days that is attainable and realistic. I never expect to achieve a goal more than 5 or 6 times per week. Some are just 3 days per week. Here's the goals I've set for myself this week: 

1) FlyLady --- I'm using FlyLady to help me clean and declutter my house and stay on track with projects and daily tasks. My goal is to create my PODA (Parade of Daily Adventures) each week and follow through on the tasks I've assigned myself. 

2) Spirituality --- do something that relates to my desire for improved spirituality - meditate, read something or learn something new. 

3) Water --- get all 64oz of water per day. 

4) Exercise --- exercise at least 5 days per week, 30 minutes each workout. 

5) Carb Control --- limit total carb intake to no more than 40% of caloric balance. What are your goals for this week? 


Goal Worksheet Blank

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