Monday, January 19, 2009

Comments from Strangers

So yesterday I got my hair cut and the stylist mentioned how soft and healthy my hair was.  I told her that after losing so much of it, that it had grown back really strong.  Which of course led to a converation about my WLS.  
She asked how much I'd lost.  My answer of "110 pounds so far" got the response.  "What do you mean so far?  You aren't going to lose any more are you?"  
Yes, I do plan to lose more.  But it's interesting to hear comments like that from strangers who never knew me at my heaviest.  Does that mean I'm at a normal weight?  I certainly don't feel like a normal weight yet -- I'm still obese and still wearing a size 16. 
It makes me feel good to hear stuff like that.  And really makes me wonder  how far I really do have left to go.

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