Sunday, November 02, 2008

Pre-Op Liquid Diet - a look back

A year ago I was in the midst of the pre-op liquid diet.  Yesterday I helped my parents with a craft show and we always stop for dinner afterward.  After last year's show I ordered a bowl of chicken noodle soup without any of the stuff --- "Just the broth please."  The waitress felt sorry for me and brought a small dish of some noodles in case I wanted something besides broth.  I ate a few ... but mostly I was fine with just the broth.  
It seems strange that it's been a full year since the liquid diet.  I can almost recount each of those 14 days for you in utter clarity.  What I ate and how I felt and how impatient I was while waiting for surgery day to arrive.  
When people ask me what my surgery date is, I always have to stop and think about it to come up with the date of November 13th.  Because actually, in my mind, my WLS journey started on October 29th - the day I started my liquid diet. 
I look back at the post I made the evening before I started the liquid diet.  I mention having my grandmother's/dad's homemade noodles as my last supper.  I still remember how delicious they were -- a little salty, but still yummy.  The last line of that post.... not sure I really understood what I was saying, but it's so true:
"My relationship with food will never be the same again."

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  1. I really can relate to your post. Even though I can't eat so many things that I could in the past I'm sure glad I made the journey. I can't believe that it's almost a year for you . . . your doing so great! I can't believe that it's almost 3 for me!


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