Friday, October 17, 2008

Breakfast Ideas

My pouch does not like solid food first thing in the morning. I always start my day with a protein shake around 7:00 a.m. then have a normal breakfast around 10:00 a.m. It took me a while to figure out the attitudes of my pouch, but now that he and I are on the same wavelength, things are better.

I just posted a list of breakfast ideas on an OH thread and wanted to make a list here as well. So here's some of the things I've enjoyed for breakfast over the past several months. Because I normally eat breakfast at my desk at work, most of this stuff is portable and easy to prepare "on the go." Also remember that I don't do eggs ... well, I actually like eggs just fine, but my pouch doesn't so we've come to an understanding that I just won't eat plain eggs anymore. In a recipe, eggs are fine though. And just because it's called breakfast, doesn't mean you actually have to eat breakfast food for that meal... do whatever works for you and your pouch. 

Pack-n-Go Breakfast Ideas
  • Kroger brand Carb Master Yogurt w/ granola or fiber cereal 12g protein
  • Grapes and cheesestick 8g protein
  • Deli sliced turkey and grapes (can you tell I love grapes?) 10-15g protein
  • Quaker Weight Control instant oatmeal 7g protein
  • Protein Bar 10-20g protein (depending on brand)
Cook-n-Go Breakfast Ideas - cook stuff ahead of time and have it all week.
  • Vanilla Egg Custard -- Yes it has eggs in it, but it's sweet and yummy like custard so it's not really "eggs". I lived on this stuff for the first couple months after surgery. So yummy! 
  • Eggface has a TON of recipes that would be great for breakfast foods.
    • Protein Ice Cream - yes, I was on a huge kick this summer and ate ice cream nearly every morning for breakfast for about 3 months... I haven't had any in a month or so though because there's no room in my freezer to freeze my ice cream machine cynlinder at the moment.
    • Bars -- this recipe is for an apple oat bar, but if you check her other posts around the time of this one you'll find several different variations of this same recipe.
    • Strawberry Apple Crumble -- these things are fantastic! You can use any type of fruit and when you add protein powder to the crumble topping, it turns into a fruit "pie" that is WLS friendly. Again, check for other variations of this same recipe - there are a ton.
    • Protein Souffle -- This link of for the pumpkin one, but the banana bread one looks great too.
It's 9:55 a.m. and I'm about to go have a yogurt for breakfast. But I kind of wish I'd cooked some of those souffles instead. LOL!


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