Thursday, September 25, 2008

Birthday Cake Survival

It was my Dad's birthday earlier this week -- tonight was the first day the whole family could get together to celebrate.  We had cake and ice cream, of course.  I brought some grapes so I wouldn't be tempted by the goodies.  I did pretty good, I think.  I had a tiny corner of cake -- about 2 fork fulls. With a side of my yummy grapes.  Not bad, huh?
So why is this so significant?  
Because .... I don't dump and I could have eaten a whole piece of cake and a side of ice cream without getting sick.  So the fear of dumping is not what kept me away from the sweets, it was sheer willpower and emotional fortitude.  And a little bit of pre-planning didn't hurt matters either. 
I'll talk more about that "I don't dump" comment in another post sometime...

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  1. Pam I would love to hear more about "I don't dump" I myself was just talking about that today. I am only 5 months out and I don't think I have ever dumped either. I assume that if you do have a dumping spell that it is something bad enough that you would know it when it happens. I can say that I have not had any sugar since the surgery because I have been scared of the dumping syndrome but arn't there other things that can make you dump?

    great job on the cake resistance, I know that it is hard to not eat that stuff specially when it is right in front of you . That shows how much you are learning to eat right...


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