Monday, June 30, 2008

100 Ways -- Recent Wow Moments

A while ago I started a "100 Ways" series of postings and began listing 100 ways my life has changed since WLS. I suspended the series because I knew there would be many more WOW moments to come and I wanted to start again after I'd gotten a bit further out from surgery. So here I am at nearly 8 months out and I've been feeling pretty great. I wanted to share some of my recent WOW moments with you all. 

So, picking up from where I left off before... 

31. I'm now wearing a 16 pants and large or x-large shirts 

32. My arms are skinny (well, up to the elbow at least) 

33. I love my feet now. My toes are no longer fat and stubby, they are long, thin and elegant. 

34. I bought a new bra this weekend. Pre-op I was 44DD, now I'm 38D. Holy cow! 

35. I bought a new car - Honda Civic - a couple weeks ago and I actually feel comfortable and roomy in a compact car. I have a skinny car now! 

36. It takes like 2 minutes to shave my legs now -- used to be a huge undertaking when my legs were fat and had lots of surface area! 

37. My walking group is scheduled to do 6.25 miles at tomorrow night's training and I'm not worried about it at all. No problemo! 

38. My Pandora bracelet (my WLS reward jewelry) is way too big for my wrist. I bought it small thinking it'd fit fine after I lost all my weight. Now I think I'm going to need to buy another one in a smaller size.

39. I've lost 91 pounds so far and can't quite wrap my head around that number. Seems unreal to me at one moment then I'm struck with how amazing that number really is. 

40. I'm working on myself and all the areas of my life I want to see changes in. It feel great to focus on ME and not feel guilty about it at all.


  1. Hi Pam- your wow moments actually brought tears to my eyes. It has been a very long time for me to experience the things you are right now. It will feel like a dream to me- after losing 91 lbs- and I'll have to keep pinching myself to make sure it isen't. Thanks for making me want this surgery more everyday. Jennie K

  2. I had forgotten after almost three years all the things I was thankful for - after gaining 17lbs over the last year . . I had forgot all the things that I still feel great about.
    Thanks for keeping me motivated . . I bet you didn't even know that you do!
    Thanks friend!


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