Thursday, July 03, 2008

Yard Sale Weekend

My entire closet of plus size clothes is packed up, priced and ready to be sold at the yard sale this weekend. I have about an hour to gather as much other crap from the house and get it in the pile of stuff to sell. Plus still have to pack my clothes to wear this weekend, some WLS friendly food choices for meals and all the other crap I need to live in the camper at my aunt's house for the next 4 days. The great thing about doing a yard sale is the money $$$. Any money I make from this sale is going straight to my "Clothing Fund" envelope. Have I told you about my Clothing Fund? It's an envelope with money and gift cards in it. At the end of the payperiod, whatever money is left over in my wallet goes into the envelope and any gift cards, extra windfall money or whatever -- goes into the envelope. Then when I hit my goal weight I'll have a stash to use to buy a new wardrobe. So I better get off here and go finish up the packing process. Mom will be here with the trailer to load all much crap up in less than an hour. Have a happy 4th! Pam

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