Wednesday, April 02, 2008

100 Ways Wednesday

The next set of 10 great ways my life has changed since losing weight... 

11. I walked 2.5 miles on Monday (in the rain) and felt great afterward. And I'm going to do it again tonight.

12. I no longer use the handicap stall in public restrooms - I fit just fine in the normal size ones. 

13. I can buy clothes in smaller size than I'm currently wearing and know I WILL fit into them eventually and it's real, not just a fantasy. 

14. Food is not the center of my universe. 

15. I signed up for a half marathon and have confidence that I will be able to finish it with no problem. 

16. My BFF said I was looking skinny today. :) 

17. Even though I carry my inhaler with me when I workout, I never have to use it. 

18. My feet have shrunk so much that I walk like a moron at work because my shoes keep flipping off. 

19. I'm more aware of my emotions lately -- and aware if those emotions have any bearing on my eating habits or not. Learning not to let my emotions rule my life. 

20. My skin is clearer with less breakouts and blotchy skin.


  1. Man, it's amazing how far you have come in such a short time. I can't wait to read the rest of your list.

  2. Oh the shoes thing cracked me up!! And I loved your boyfriend's comment too! Yay!!

    Congratulations Pam!!



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