Wednesday, April 02, 2008

10 Mile & Half-Marathon

Most days I still have problems wrapping my head around the fact that I've signed up for a half-marathon race. In less than a year I will have progressed from morbid obesity to a half-marathon. How is that possible? I amaze myself.

So here are the details.

I signed up for the 15-week Crim Fitness Training Program. I'm doing the "Beginner 10-Mile Walk" program and at the end of the 15 weeks I'll walk to 10-mile Crim race. During the 15 weeks I'll be in a small training group (15 to 25 people) and we'll work our way through a set schedule of walking regimines. I'll be walking with my group on Tuesday evenings and on my own according to the assigned walking schedule the rest of the week. This program begins on April 29th.

Crim is also assisting with the organization of The Brooksie Way Half Marathon and 5K Race. (For those who care - this is a project created by my boss here at work.) So as an extension of the Crim 15-week training program, they are offering an additional 5 weeks to prepare for The Brooksie Way half marathon. I signed up for this extended training too. Which also gets me registered for the half marathon.

So that means a total of 20 weeks of training and official registration in 2 races. I also understand there are other smaller races available throughout the training that I'll be able to enter for free or at a discount because I'm in the Training Program... still waiting for my packet of information to find out about those.
I'm excited and energized to get started. But at the same time terrified that I'll fail (even though I'm confident I'll finish both races and do fine with the training). I just seem to be having trouble wrapping my head around all this. It's so unlike the Old Pam.

(note: photo copyrighted by Crim Festival of Races)

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