Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Wet Day of Training

So I just posted about the Crim Training I signed up for. Officially it doesn't start for another 4 weeks - but I wanted to start now with my own training to make sure I was ready to keep up with my group when it comes time to get moving.

I met some members of the Flint Bariatric Area Support Group (see link on right) for walking on Monday evening. In my mind, it was my official first day of training. Even though I've been doing my own workouts with Dance, Dance Revolution at home and doing some weight training at home -- Monday was my first day of training toward the half marathon race. So, no turning back now!

Of course it was raining and cold. But do you think that stopped me? No Way! Talk about dedication - I walked 2.5 miles in the rain and ended up soaked to the bone. And even have pictures to prove it.

I took Tuesday off and will be walking again tonight after work. I'm on my way now!


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