Saturday, March 15, 2008

I bought new jeans!

I walked into the dressing room wearing baggy size 26W jeans. I had optomistically taken in a couple pairs to try out.... size 22w and 20w. The 22w fit pretty good but were too long (oops, grabbed a tall). So I thought I'd check the length on the 20w that was 'average'.

To my surprised the 20's fit! They fit!!!! Holy Moly They Fit!!! And yes, I did a little jig in the dressing room. (And took a picture!)


  1. Rock ON congratulations!!!

  2. Doesn't it feel wonderful?? :)

  3. Pam!! How awesome is that? You know what? You look like you will easily be wearing the 18's next week. Those are very baggy in th legs.

  4. LOL Signgurl -- bite your tongue! I just paid full price for those jeans, they are sticking around for at least a month -- even if I have to wear suspenders to keep them up.

    I think I have gotten spoiled on Goodwill prices. :-)


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