Friday, March 14, 2008

Be VERY careful when ordering at a restaurant

I learned my lesson the hard way today. And oh boy is it bad!

I was running late for work this morning so I skipped making a protein shake at home. Instead I stopped at Tropical Smothie Cafe. I've got one of their menus in my car, so picked out what looked the healthiest and felt good about my choice. I normally pick off the "Splenda Menu", but decided to change it up a bit today. I went for the Peanut Paradise Protein Shake. Half a banana, peanut butter, low-fat yogurt and whey protein. Sounds healthy, huh?

I drank most of it this morning over the course of an hour or so. It's 24oz, so I skipped my normal breakfast and just had the shake.

Just about the time when I got near the end of the smoothie I started to feel shakey and my tummy started to rumble. Bad feeling. Very very bad. Made a trip to the restroom. Still feeling bad and shakey. Like my hands were literally shaking and apparently my face is flushed because a few people asked if I was alright.

So I called Tropical Smoothie Cafe and asked for the specific information on the Peanut Paradise. The guy said: "It's just a half banana, peanut butter, low-fat yogurt and protein powder." So I questioned him some more about the yogurt asking if he'd check the sugar content of the yogurt and how much was added. He went to find the "nutrition sheet" and came back saying that the sugar content wasn't listed. I asked him to check the actual yogurt container. He went to find the container. He came back to the phone finally and said it wasn't listed. I questioned him again saying... "there must be sugar in that smoothie, I'm crashing I need to know how much sugar there is." His reply?

"Well there's a cup and a half of sugar in it too."

OH MY STARS! Actually my response was "holy shit!" He also mentioned that there's 810 calories in the smoothie. (Guess that uses up my entire calorie count for the day!)

Right now I'm not in full blown dumping. Tummy rumblings, gas, shakey hands and a bit light headed but not the full blown stuff I hear about where you're curled up in a ball wanting to die with extreme cramps, explosive diarrhea, sweating and pain. Hope I don't get to experience "late dumping" in a couple hours. I just want to feel better and be done with this.

I've been really careful to not test my sugar limits since surgery. I didn't want to know if I dumped or not. I wanted the fear to be securely in place and not play around with that knowledge. So now I guess I know I can sit down to a bowl of 12 oz. pure sugar and eat it up with a spoon and only have minor ramifications.

Damn it! I didn't want to know this information.



  1. Ugh! I know this makes you mad. I strictly stayed away from refined sugar for 14 months post operatively because I didn't want to know. I'm sorry you know now.

    12 oz of sugar? That's insane!

  2. That sucks! I hope you are feeling much better now!

  3. I feel your pain.. I dumped on BROCCOLI today.. yes what I thought was plain broccoli... turned out to have 200 calories and 11 g of fat!!! I was so mad.

    It's rediculous. NO wonder American's are so fat.


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