Monday, January 21, 2008

What a Rough Weekend!

I have today off work (MLK Holiday) so I consider this still my weekend. Boy has it been a rough one! Saturday --- I got up, showered, made a list of errands and got all ready to go. Then my car didn't start. Turned out to be a frozen fuel line that didn't get fixed until my dad and brother arrived around 6pm Sunday --- Since I didn't get my errands done on Saturday I went out on Sunday to get my running done. Had a great day and found some good deals while shopping. Got home to find my house lights going crazy. Power surges that made my lights turn on SUPER bright and even blew a few bulbs, then a few minutes later I'd get a brown out and stuff would shut down because there wasn't enough power. To top it off, the furnace wasn't working. I called the power company and they came out and fixed it. Furnace still not working. So I left a message for the furnace company and requested an early morning service call. Then headed over to my parents house to spend the night in warmth (did I mention it was below zero here in Michigan last night?) Monday -- Furnace guy comes and finds a transformer blown on the furnace. $180 later, it's fixed and I've got heat again. Then ... I settle down to check email and stuff only to discover that my modem is fried from the power surges last night. I call the ISP and they offer to replace the modem, so I had to go pick it up at their office. So here it is.. nearly 2:00 on the last day of my long holiday weekend and I'm exhausted! What a rough weekend it's been. Hopefully I won't find anything else that's been fried and the rest of the day will be relaxing. On a positive note ... I'll have to tell you about the fantastic deals I got during my Goodwill shopping sprees! I should be set for dress clothes for a few more weeks, no problems! Whew! Pam

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