Friday, January 04, 2008

8 Goals for 2008

  1. Continue on my Journey to Health by following my surgeon’s rules, being smart about my food choices, exercising like a crazy woman and focusing on my emotional well being.
  2. Follow my Retirement & Emergency Savings Plans (which includes a savings account for a trip to Italy for my 40th birthday!!!)
  3. Learn to knit
  4. Develop my photographic skills and immerse myself in the hobby of photography
  5. Go to more events – movies, plays, concerts, museums, productions and shows. There are tons of opportunities all around me and I'd like to do more this year!
  6. Get your butt back to school
  7. Purge the clutter. (Storage room cleaning project begins next week!)
  8. Make new friends, but keep the old. (One is silver and the other gold.... sorry, couldn't resist.)

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