Monday, November 05, 2007

The Liquid Diet

I’m into day 8 of the liquid diet and surviving. The first 3 days were really rough – major cravings, major headaches and major resentment for not being able to chew. But it got better after day 4. I’m not saying is great and wonderful… but it’s doable. The protein shakes are surprisingly filling and keep me satisfied until my next meal. And when I mix them in the blender with some ice, they taste like a Wendy’s Frosty. The soups are horrible! I mean really really horrible. Imagine a soup made from powdered flavoring and mixed with water … but the powder never really dissolves so when you eat a spoonful of soup you’re left with a strange powdery coating on your spoon. Yuck! I’ve been substituting normal canned soup for the powdered stuff… just drain all the broth off and throw the noodles away. Much more palatable. The fiber drinks have a strange after taste, but if I just drink it fast, it’s alright. The good thing is that my nutritionist allows me to supplement the boxed-diet-plan with other clear liquids like Jell-O, broth, decaf tea, sugar free popsicles and a whole list of other good stuff. So that’s why it’s not so bad. So I weighed in this morning … after finishing 7 full days on the diet I’ve lost 10 pounds! Can you imagine?! After working my butt off for the past year and not losing a single pound, suddenly I’ve dropped 10 pounds in a week. Granted… I’m only eating about 600-800 calories so you’d expect me to lose weight, but I’m still amazed. Guess that’s all for today. I’ll share more later. ~Pam

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