Thursday, December 07, 2006

So busy!

Christmas is only 17 days away. I need to start my shopping. The list is done and I basically know what I'll get for everyone, but I haven't hit the stores yet to actually purchase anything. And I think it's getting too late to do my shopping online at this late date. Then all those gifts will need to be wrapped. Let's not talk about the Christmas tree and outdoor decorations. I made the decision a week or so ago that I was NOT going to put those up. No time. Too busy. Plus I hate taking it all down after the holidays and usually get a bit depressed - so I'm avoiding that too. Besides, nobody ever comes to visit me anyway, if I want to see a Christmas tree, I'll just go to my parents house. Not sure I've ever mentioned it here before or not... but besides working a full time job and commuting 15 hours a week to work and back, I also run a home-based business. And yep, you guessed it! Other people are doing their shopping and have ordered stuff from my business to complete their Christmas shopping. And since my business is service-based and I provide custom work, when an order comes in it could take up to 20 hours per order to complete their project. (I create custom scrapbooks using other people's photos and memorabilia.) Normally I try to keep my side business schedule to just 20 hours a week of work and consider it a part time job. But in the past few weeks things have gotten a bit crazy. Here's a typical day for me right now: 6:30 am --- Good Morning - alarm goes off 6:45 am --- Get out of bed after listening to the alarm for 15 mintues 7:30 am --- Out the door and on the road to work 9:00 am --- Arrive at the office for an 8 hour workday 7:00 pm --- Arrive home from work 7:30 pm --- Finish cooking dinner and relax for a bit while eating 8:00 pm --- Head to the scrapbook studio to begin working on client projects Midnight--- Drag myself out of the studio and head for bed Yep, you've read it correctly. I've been neglecting the exercise portion of the diet and exercise program. Weekends are a bit more flexible and I am able to get a short workout in on Saturday and Sunday - or at least do some physical activity that will count as "extra" and can be tracked for a workout. (Did you know that shopping burns about 100 calories per hour?) After the orders are done (all due by December 22nd) and I can get back to a normal routine of only working 2 hours a night on the biz instead of 4, I'll get back to exercising like I need to. Sometimes life just gets in the way of living. Talk to you soon! ~Pam

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