Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Healthier by my birthday?

I remember my 36th birthday last February ... right in the midst of my diet and exercise plan and wondering if I would be lighter, healthier and have more energy by my 37th. Obviously with the change of plans and my desire to have WLS, this vision has changed. No, not changed in the way I want to feel (lighter, healthier, more energetic) but changed in the way I'll get there.

I'll know more next week after the consultation with my surgeon, but I'm anticipating that I'll have surgery by mid-November (hopefully earlier). So if that's the case I'll be 3 or 4 months out from surgery by my birthday on February 14th. Which means I could be 30-50 pounds lighter. Wow! Just the thought of it makes me excited. (Although realizing that I'll be 37th is a bit sobering... wasn't I just in high school a minute ago?)

More soon...


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