Thursday, September 07, 2006

I've been tagged!

Four jobs I have had in my life
1. The Donut Shop Girl
2. Telemarketer
3. Environmental Education Manager
4. Executive Secretary

Four movies I would watch over and over
1. Pretty in Pink
2. Anne of Green Gables (and the sequels)
3. Roadhouse
4. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Four places I have lived
1. Standish, Michigan
2. Bay City, Michigan
3. Ankeny, Iowa
4. Saginaw, Michigan

Four TV shows I like to watch
1. Grey’s Anatomy
2. Project Runway
3. House
4. Anything on HGTV, Food Network or TLC

Four places I have been on vacation
1. Seattle, Washington
2. Baltimore, Massachusetts
3. Orlando, Florida
4. Camping all over Michigan

Four of my favorite foods
1. Pizza (double pepperoni and mushrooms)
2. Oriental Chicken Salad from Applebees
3. Dad’s homemade noodles
4. Chocolate Volcano from Don Pablos

Four places I would rather be right now (I’m at work right now)
1. Home in my Scrapbook Studio
2. Lounging on a beach with sunshine on my face and my toes in the sand
3. Hanging with my buddy M
4. See the answer about places I’ve been on vacation – any one of those would be good.

Four friends I want to tag
I won’t tag anyone specifically, but if you want to play along go for it! Post your "Four Things" in the comments section or on your own blog and post a link. C'mon... it'll be fun!


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