Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I'm a Research Fanatic

I'm a Google Head. 
I'm a Research Fanatic. 
I'm an Information Whore. 

I want to know everything there is to know about a subject that interests me and I'll continue reading from as many resources as I can find until I'm satisfied with the scope of information I've been able to gather. People who know me well, know this about me and just chuckle when I say, "I'll look it up."

So I thought I'd share a few resources with you in case you want to learn more about weight loss surgery.

Weight Loss Surgery for Dummies - This is an amazing book! It's written by a bariatric surgeon, a gastric bypass surgery patient and leading expert in the weight loss surgery industry. The combined knowledge of these three authors and the unbiased way they present information about WLS is outstanding. Not only does the book discuss in depth the various types of surgeries available (even obsolete ones) but it also walks you through what life is like before and after surgery. The section on choosing a hospital and surgeon and what questions to ask when interviewing them is especially valuable. There are sample meal plans and menus along with yummy sounding recipes and even tips on how to deal co-workers/friends/family who will question you about your decision and new lifestyle. I've read the book cover-to-cover and am now using it as a reference tool when I come across some morsel of information elsewhere and want to compare it to what these authors say. A MUST have resource for all weight loss surgery patients. - This website is a wealth of information. Not only can you research specific questions in the Q&A section or through their vast array of article, but you can also view statistics of surgeons in your area and what their patients say about them. I have found the profiles of members priceless - this gives me an insight into what difficulties I might face as well as making me aware of certain medical complications that might not have been covered elsewhere. And I don't just read the positive profiles, by reading the profiles of those who have suffered through many complications it brings this surgery into a stark reality for me. The message forums on this website are great too. You can connect immediately with people in your area or with those at the same stage in the process as you. What a great wealth of information and community here.

Gastric Bypass Information Central - This is a Yahoo Group with more than 3000 members. Although I've mostly been lurking there for the past few weeks, I've found the members to be helpful, knowledgeable and funny. I think this also gives a real-life picture of what gastric bypass patients are dealing with on a day to day basis.

Do you have another resource that I didn't mention here? Please feel free to share it in the "Comments" section so we can all learn from each other.

Talk to you soon!

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