Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Waiting Game

13 days and counting!

I have my initial consultation with my surgeon (Dr. Obeid) on September 12th and I'm starting to get antsy with the waiting. I wish I had something to do to fill up the time and make it go faster. (As if working full time, commuting 15 hours a week, running a business and dieting/exercising isn't enough to fill up the time! LOL!)

When I went to the informational seminar I was given a checklist of things I needed to do before my initial consultation. It's all done! I have contacted all my doctors and requested my medical records and complete their medical history form to be sent to Hurley. I have completed the 10-page questionaire from the hospital and it's ready to take with me on the 12th. I have completed my diet history records and created reports for everything all the books, websites and resources tell me I'm going to need. I've even scheduled my psych eval (which is September 20th). What's next?

I'm ready to roll! But still I wait.


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