Wednesday, August 23, 2006


The first step to unlocking your limitless potential is the willingness to change everything. 

This is the quote you see when you first open the website for Inspired: The Movie. Then as you watch the opening video and trailer for this documentary about weight loss, you realize the enormity that the word "potential" holds. To realize that the strength to succeed lies within me and nobody can walk my journey but me. To realize that I am strong enough. I have the limitless potential within myself to change the direction of my journey if that's what I choose to do. I won't allow self-doubt become an obstacle for the journey I want to take. I can lose the weight and I can become healthier and I can be happier than my wildest imagination. I have the potential to change everything.

The movie isn't due out until 2007, but I'm anxiously awaiting the opening day.

Thank you to Belle for pointing me in the direction of this website.



  1. WOW what a great entry. BTW how is the book coming? I am here to support your decision on the surgery. I will be interested in your results as I know you will tell the truth and be honest about the hardships it will entail. I would also be interested in the diet the Dr. puts you on before surgery. I have been thinking of having this also and have heard that they have brought the weight down from over 100 lbs over weight to 75 lbs and sometimes even lower.
    I am here for you whenever you need. Blessings to you.

  2. Linda:
    Thanks for your comments and continued support. I am meeting with my surgeon on Sept. 12 so will know more then about the diet pre-op and other requirements he'll have me do. Of course I'll keep everyone posted here.


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