Monday, October 15, 2012

Michigan Fall Colors

It's always around this time of the year that I take off for a long weekend and enjoy some Up North Michigan scenery. (Yes, folks the term "Up North" is a proper noun here in Michigan.) This year I went back to Mackinaw City after a few years of choosing other northern locations (last year was Traverse City which was awesome too!)

Usually I go the third weekend of October because many of the seasonal shops are clearing out their stock and getting ready to close up for the winter. Who can beat 75% off, right? This year my third weekend was already booked, so I headed up early. It's a good thing I did too! The unusual weather we've had this year has brought an early fall color season, so most of the colors have already peaked a week or two ago. But it was still beautiful - even though it rained all weekend.

Yep. It rained. I got wet. Really wet. But the benefit of a dreary day is that photographs come out super awesome and the color is so much richer and vibrant. I've added photos to my Flickr Photostream (feel free to check them out), but I'm also adding a few of my favorites here. Enjoy!

Mackinaw Bridge with a found Cairn (stacked stones) on the shoreline.

Trail leading into a scenic park. 
Part of a homework assignment to find different colors next to each other in nature.

The Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse overlooking the Mackinaw Bridge.

Even ferns change color in the fall.

I have a fascination with moss. Found a park covered in it! Pure love!
More moss!

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