Thursday, December 22, 2011

The No-Sweets Holiday Eating Strategy

We all know that the Christmas season often equals Christmas Cookies! Last year at this time I was knee deep in baking cookies for a charity cookie walk fundraiser - and don't forget the adorable snowman cookies for a cookie exchange. It's been three years since I made my all-time favorite variety of Christmas cookies - Creme Sandwich Cookies - that my grandmother would always make when I was a little girl. Yep, lots of cookie action going on in past years for me.

But this year I have a "No Sweets Holiday Eating Strategy!"

The strategy is simple. Don't eat sweets! Don't make sweets. Don't buy sweets. Don't hang out near sweets. Ok... well, it's not exactly that cut-and-dried. I'm allowed to have some sweets, but only at certain times.

At our WLS Support Group meeting in November, I made the commitment that I would not eat any holiday sweets (from Thanksgiving through New Year) unless I was at a party or family gathering. In fact, several of us made that same commitment. And so far it's worked out really well. There have been a few instances where I've indulged and not been at a "party" -- but at least there isn't anything in my house this year. 

I have not done any Christmas baking at all. And whenever I attended a party where a dish-to-pass was required, I would make something healthy like a meat and cheese tray or a crock pot of meatballs or a veggie salad. None of the gifts I've given have been food-based either. The only special request I've received is from my Grandma Brown who wants a batch of my peanut brittle (which I'll make for her after New Year and pack up the entire batch for only her). 

What's interesting is that even when I'm at a party or family gathering and I know I'm allowed to have some sweet treats.... I don't over indulge. In fact, my taste tolerance for ultra sweet stuff is pretty low lately. I have a very high tolerance for sugar and I don't dump, so its not that type of tolerance I'm talking about... it's the actual taste of anything that's too sweet that I don't seem to like much anymore. 

It has been refreshing to not be obsessed over sweets and junk food! Remember when I'd rant every year about over indulging? In fact... remember the year when I got out of bed at midnight with a cookie craving and threw everything into the trash? If the rest of the holiday season goes as good as it has until now, I won't be faced with that again this year. 

Prayer and meditation has helped too. I asked for strength in resisting temptation and for help with some of my impulsive tendencies. Its nice to know that Someone's got your back when you're faced with a cube of peanut butter fudge, ya know!



  1. I wish I had read this post about a month ago. I have been eating way too many chocolates and cookies.

  2. I have been consuming sweets on a daily basis...I am head deep into trouble. Letting my emotions get away with me and just not practicing any self-control, no delayed gratification going on here. I am not proud to say this, just feel like I need to be real and admit what harm I've been doing to myself.
    I appreciate your insights and honesty Pam! Have a Merry Christmas!


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