Monday, May 09, 2011

Are Graphic Designers Fat or Skinny?

If I sit at my computer all day working on graphic design projects ... I don't get up and move around or exercise so I don't burn many calories. Then I end up fat.

But if I also am so engrossed in my work that I forget to eat and just survive on coffee, there aren't many calories that need to be burned. Then I end up skinny.

I wonder which it'll be. Fat or Skinny?

Yes. I've been sitting at my computer most of the weekend.

Yes. I've forgotten to eat a meal on more than one occasion.

Yes. I did actually get up and exercise Saturday morning with my WLS support group, but that was the extent of my workouts.

No. I did not get all my design homework done.

Yes. I'll be chained to this computer every moment I can spare until its all done! (Only 4 weeks left in this term and I'm still SO far behind.)

Hopefully the brain power it takes to do all this homework and creative design stuff will be burning enough calories to make up for my lack of actual physical movement.

Do not follow my bad example. Go exercise, people!


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