Sunday, March 20, 2011

Race Day

This morning was the St. Patrick's Day 5k Race in Bay City and several members of my support group turned out for the event! I'm so proud of everyone who finished -- you guys are amazing!  Here's the times:

  • Karen - 36:45
  • Lori - 49:09
  • Tammie - 52:09
  • Lorie - 55:40
  • Michael - 31:17
  • Josh (Lorie & Michael's son) - 55:39 (finished 5th in his age class!)
  • Jean - 47:38
  • David (Jean's hubby) - 47:09
  • David (Jean & David's son) - 47:09
  • Pam - 55:40

We froze our butts off but at least Mother Nature had the common courtesy to hold off the rain until after the race -- in fact, it only started sprinkling as I was walking back to my car after the whole parade was finished! After I finished the race, I changed my clothes and grabbed my camera bag to meet up with my photography group for a photo walk. So after doing 5k for the race, I estimate I did another 5k walking the parade route back and forth for a few hours.

Good job everyone!

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