Thursday, March 31, 2011

Let's Get Visual!

I love visual stuff! It's eye candy to a graphic artist -- or anyone really. And Google has made me a happy girl today (again, they are always making me happy!). There is a new way to read Blogger-based blogs and it's an exciting visual experience for sure.

You can check it out yourself and choose which view you like the best. There are five to choose from:


I think I like "Flipcard" the best because you can sort it by date or label/category or just view them all in one big grid. 

The TimeSlide view is pretty cool too!

I've created a convenient way for you to get to the visual view too. Over on the right side navigation bar, right under my picture, there is a section with links to each of the different view formats. Play around to your heart's content and have fun!

Let me know which one is your favorite!


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