Friday, January 07, 2011

Product Review: New Balance Trail Running Shoes

I bought a new pair of shoes and I'm in love!

Let me first tell you that I have slightly odd feet and it's very difficult for me to find a pair of athletic shoes that fit me properly. I have normal arches but they seem to be in the wrong place for most shoe styles - the arch support in shoes usually hit about 1-inch too far forward on my foot. And wearing a women's size 10 shoe makes it difficult to even find shoes in stock in my size. Even my wonderful walking shoes, which I love for actual walking, are not good shoes to just stand around or hang out in.

I've been shopping for new shoes like this for several months and I've tried on dozens of pairs. My goal was to find a pair of shoes that I could wear just as everyday casual shoes with jeans. My biggest challenge is usually that I can't just stand still in tennis shoes because they end up hurting my feet after a few minutes. But these are different.

New Balance WT560 Trail Running Shoe

I found these shoes at my local Meijer store (a big-box department store in Michigan), but I see that they're the same price on Amazon as what I paid in the store. I was first drawn to them because they are so light - practically like air in your hand. Then when I tried them on I was thrilled that the arch support was not built into the insole of the shoe, but basically part of the structure of the shoe instead. You get a lot of support in the heel but the front end of the shoe is super flexible and feels like there's nothing on your foot at all.

Plus... the most important part. They're cute! I love the gray color (I always seem to buy white shoes) and the accents of blue make them perfect with jeans.

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