Monday, December 27, 2010

The Week Between

Take some time to relax!
It's "The Week Between" Christmas and New Year. It's one of my favorite times of the year. The hustle and bustle of Christmas is behind us and the task lists and goal setting of the New Year has not yet arrived. It's a time to relax, reflect and rejuvenate. It's a time when we're breathing a sigh of relief at same time as we're filling our lungs with the breath of anticipation.

Many people take this week off work to spend with family or recuperate from the holiday festivities. I personally prefer to be at the office because the phones are quiet, most of the staff is off on vacation and there aren't many tasks to be accomplished -- so I can catch up on tasks and enjoy the slower pace.

One big tasks I tackle this week is to do a mad dash through my house packing up as many old treasures as I can find that need to be donated to charity. I've already purged my closet of clothes and will be tackling my kitchen cupboards, storage room, craft room and office in the coming days. I've gathered some boxes and bags and will record everything that I pack up for this last ditch effort in accumulating charitable tax deductions for 2010. This task also serves as the kick-off for a standing New Year's goal of decluttering my house and learning to live with less (it's a never ending venture).

This is also the week when I dig out my neglected journal and reflect on the past year's accomplishments and the coming year's goals and what I want to achieve. I'll reexamine my Wellness Plan and decide which steps I want to take in 2011 to move me closer to my life's goals. And from the big list of lofty goals, I'll whittle it down into a small set of manageable goals for the new year - which I'll share with you all next week.

Life is good during The Week Between. It's a whole week devoted to closing one chapter and preparing to open a new one. A week of accomplishments and a week of anticipation. It's a wonderful time of the year!


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  1. I am doing the same thing this week . . I am working tonight but off the next 3 days and plan to spend lots of time in my basement putting up the shelves that I purchased to hold all my totes filled with holiday goodies. I am looking forward to the upcoming year and all the adventures that will come with it. Thanks for a year filled with all the great information you have given not only me but all who read your blog!


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