Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Views of Mackinaw

I took over 1,000 photos when I spent a long weekend in Mackinaw City last month. It took me a while to sort my way through the pile, but I've narrowed them down to some of my favorites. Here's the ones of Mackinaw Bridge that I love the most.


The sunset was beautiful the first night I was in town. The sun hit the upright supports just right, so the bridge glowed in the intense light.


I spent the evening cuddled up in my coat and gloves, sitting on a bench along the shore of the Mackinaw Straits, enjoying the view and soaking up the solitude.


The sunset was amazing under the bridge - it was like the sky was on fire! There was a man standing on top of the bench on the small pier that overlooks the underside of the bridge. Beyond that chain link fence is Fort Michilimackinac


The following morning I ventured to the other side of the bridge where I found a secluded beach with an amazing view of the Mackinaw Bridge. The bridge connects Michigan's Lower Peninsula with the Upper Peninsula and spans 5 miles with Lake Michigan on one side and Lake Huron on the other. The third weekend in October is usually the last big shopping/tourist weekend in the city and all the store celebrate with huge sales!

My Mackinaw Cairn

While roaming the shorelines of Lakes Michigan and Huron in Mackinaw City, you notice how rocky the beaches are. I'd always admired the beautiful stacks of stones created in Zen meditation but had never tried to create one. The one pictured above is actually my second attempt (I'd done one the day before too). They have a name: Cairn. I think I'm hooked on the practice.


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