Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Grocery List

The Thanksgiving shopping list
My shopping list
Whew! My Thanksgiving recipes are picked out and my grocery list has been created. I'll stop tomorrow and buy my ingredients and start the cooking when I get home after work tomorrow. I'm not even cooking the whole meal!  Just bringing a few dishes to pass for the family meal. Here's what's on the menu:

Butternut Squash Casserole
A combination of a couple different recipes. Some of this one and and some of this one - but with a few more tweaks. I'll post the recipe once I figure it out.

Scalloped Corn
An old family favorite with cream corn, whole kernel corn, onion, cream, butter and a cracker topping. Recipe to come soon.

Ham & Cheese Ball
A cream cheese base cheese ball with bits of ham and onion and rolled in chopped nuts. Serve with veggies or crackers and it's always a bit hit. Recipe to come.

Lemon Meringue Pie
My grandfather always wanted his lemon meringue pie for every holiday. It's also my favorite pie! But since he's been gone it's doesn't seem to be such a hard and fast rule anymore I found out today that nobody planned to make one so I volunteered to add it to my list. Yes folks.... you see "pie crust" on the list because i have no plans to make one from scratch. LOL!

Cookie Exchange - Cut-Out Sugar Cookies
This isn't really part of my Thanksgiving menu, but the ingredients are on my shopping list and I plan to make the dough while I'm messing up the kitchen this week. The cut-out cookies will be part of the cookie exchange I'm doing with several other family members. I'll be giving away or sharing the 8 dozen Christmas cookies I get back from this little event. We've got a family favorite recipe and I'll share that with you later.

Cookie Walk -- Magic 7-Layer Bars
My mother is helping to organize a Charity Cookie Walk with the VFW in Standish the second week of December. I've volunteered to bake 4 dozen cookies. I'll be making Magic Bars -- remember those bar cookies with sweetened condensed milk, coconut, chocolate and nuts? Yeah, those are the ones I'm making. I'll share the recipe and food porn later.

The Shopping List
I collected all my recipes together and listed each dish across the top of the page in their own column. First I checked the pantry and freezer to see what I already had on hand and collected stuff together. Then along the side of the page I started listing the ingredients for each recipe that I needed and carried that ingredient across the page for each different recipe. Then the last column is a tally of the amounts I need for everything.  Makes it easy make sure I get enough of the ingredients and don't miss stuff for various recipes.

Yes, yes, yes... I'll keep my camera in the kitchen as I'm preparing all these recipes and share photos and recipes as I go along.

What are you cooking?


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