Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our Emotional Bank Account


There's a daily email medication service my friend Keith introduced me to by Hazelden - it's called Today's Gift. I receive it each day - and when Keith finds one he particularly likes, he'll forward his copy to me too (in case I ignored mine).  You can sign up for the daily email meditation at Hazelden - it's a website dedicated to those overcoming addiction or destructive behavior (food addiction, overeating and emotional negative self talk fall into this category too!). It's all about recovery.

A recent message caught my eye and I wanted to share it with you.

Reflection for the Day
One of the best ways to get out of the self-pity trap is to do some "instant bookkeeping." For every entry of misery on the debit side of our ledger, we can surely find a blessing to mark on the credit side: the health we enjoy, the illnesses we don't have, the friends who love us and who allow us to love them, a clean and sober 24 hours, a good day's work. If we but try, we can easily list a whole string of credits that will far outweigh the debit entries which cause self-pity. Is my emotional balance on the credit side today?

Today I Pray
May I learn to sort out my debits and credits and add it all up. May I list my several blessings on the credit side. May my ledger show me, when all is totaled, a fat fund of good things to draw on.

Today I Will Remember
I have blessings in my savings.


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