Friday, October 08, 2010

My Letter Obsession

It's so nice to have the day off work today... And the weather is gorgeous too. I had a hot stone massage this morning (OMG!) and then stopped at a local diner for lunch.

Right around the corner is the antique shop that's is as big as a whole city block. I browsed a bit and was hoping to find some old printer block letters. Oh boy! I hit the motherload! There were drawers and drawers and boxes and displays and tables full of letters. It was like Christmas morning!

Since I've been going to school for graphic design my absession with typography has grown and grown. I recently bought an old printers drawer that was cleaned up and painted. I've got it hanging in my (newly decorated) living room and I've slowly been filling it up with these cool letters.  Mostly loving the ampersand and the letter 'P'.

So I bought some goodies today and can't wait to get them home and add them to the others.

For now though... I'll sit a while longer here on this park bench in the sunshine. Then head across the street to the Nut House and see if they have some cashew butter... I'll tell you about that new obsession in another post.


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