Monday, October 11, 2010

Kitchen Storage Idea

My  lovely friend Edie asked me for a picture of this, so I figured I'd share it with ya'll too. It's a corner of my dining room that serves as storage for my spices, pantry dry goods and some sugar free flavored syrups.

So it's actually two different parts. The top is my spice rack and the bottom is some general storage on a hand crafted bookshelf. I love having my pantry dry goods in quart canning jars. I've been inspired to do that ever since watching the cooking show "Chef at Home" with Chef Michael Smith. (Wow! I just Googled Chef Smith and didn't remember how gorgeous he was - look at those eyes! Yum!)


I also store my sugar free flavored syrups on this shelf. The small bottles in front are from Walmart - that's the only size they sell and when I'm out of a big bottle and need an emergency stash, I'll pick up a little bottle at the store. But normally I get my syrups from Amazon (of course, you know I'm addicted to that site!). Or sometimes I'll score and find a bottle at TJ Max (like the Blueberry flavor that's not even opened yet cuz I don't know what to do with it). In fact, I'm a bit low on vanilla and need to place an order - since I'm thinking about it, might as well do it now, huh? Torani 3-pack syrups are the best price ($16 for 3 bottles and free shipping).


Above the shelf I have metal tracks and brackets with wooden shelves. My dad helped me hang this a couple years ago and I've used my spices so much more than I used to. It's nice to have the spices all out and in the open rather than buried in a cabinet where I can't find anything. In fact, that cabinet to the right of the shelving is where my spices used to be stored.


So, in case you've been wondering how you can store your spices, pantry stuff or sugar free flavored syrups -- maybe this will inspire you.



  1. Nice setup, Ive recently been migrating to canning jars for storage of stuff too. Couple things though, do you ever have issues using the metal bands? I've been buying the plastic caps for some of my jars.

    Also, dried herbs would be better off in the cupboard, the direct light all the time can cause them to break down and lose flavor much quicker.

  2. @mcnee - I haven't had issues with the metal bands. I've looked at the plastic tops many times, but since I've never had issues with the metal tops I can't seem to justify spending the money to convert to plastic. Plus, I love the look of the metal.

    And yes, you're right that the dried herbs would store better in the cupboard. I don't really get direct sunlight in that spot, but there is some sunshine from the patio door when the curtains are open. However, if they were in the cupboard, I'd be less likely to use them (know that from experience!) - so I guess this is the better solution for me at the moment.

    Thanks for your comments!


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