Wednesday, June 23, 2010


"Whew" is the word of the day!  I know I've been neglecting this blog too much lately, I apologize.  So here's a few random things to get you caught up with what's going on over here ...

WORKING -- The big event for work is over and was a huge success - and my work life goes back to normal again (for a couple months... until the next big event in October).  From last Monday through yesterday's event (9 days) I put in about 95 hours between my normal job and all the extra time I volunteered working on this event and then add another 20 hours of drive-time (since I work so far from my home).  Dang! No wonder I'm tired.  I slept a lot today.

MEDICAL -- This morning I had a minor surgical procedure.  An endometrial ablation.  After going off the Depo Provera this past winter I knew that I'd be dealing with the same menstrual problems I had 6 years ago - which was the reason I went on the shot in the first place.  I've suffered from severe endometriosis for years and the Depo was designed to stop the progression of that scar tissue development and help control the uncontrolled menstruation (3-month long periods are not fun).  So since my periods started again after going off the Depo six months ago things have been a bit out of control again.  My GYN is hoping the procedure today will help.  We'll see.   .............OH! one more thing. Since I've been slacking in water intake later (the next topic down) I was thrilled that they pumped me full of fluids today in my IV. That was a huge plus for today!

WLS -- One of my biggest challenges with being a WLS patient is what I neglect when I'm busy or stressed.  I've said before and realize this about myself -- I'm a "Stress Non-Eater".  So when I'm under extreme stress, I don't eat.  Either I forget because I'm so busy, or when it's meal time I decided I don't feel like eating, so I don't.  This also spills over into drinking enough water -- I get plenty of coffee at these times, but not nearly enough water. I have also just discovered that I tend to neglect my vitamins too.  This morning as I was being checked in before surgery the nurse was asking me about the last time I took my vitamins. I had to think very hard about when the last time I took my vitamins and the best I cold come up with was that I'd taken half of my vitamins on Sunday.  Before that, it was pretty hit or miss all week too.  That's gotta change. 

SUMMER -- I feel like summer has finally started and I can enjoy the sunshine and slower pace for the next couple months until school starts at the end of September. I bought a new patio chair several weeks ago and want to park my butt in it as often as possible. In fact, why am I not in it now?  Mmm... as soon as I publish this post, I'm going outside.  My goal for tomorrow was to go to the small city park that's got a beach next to a small man-made lake. But I'm not suppose to drive for 48 hours after anesthesia (didn't know that until I was about to leave the hospital today).  So guess it's the patio for me tomorrow too.

STUFF TO DO -- I've started a huge task list for myself for summer. Don't worry, I don't plan to get too busy or anything.  Definitely taking advantage of the summer off of school and playing as much as possible. But the things on my list need to get done and now is the chance.  A sampling of things on my list include: Going to the beach more often.... catching up on smutty romance novels ..... shampooing the living room carpet ... buying a new TV .... reorganizing my office/schoolwork area.  So not too bad, right?

Enough blabbering.  I'm headed out to enjoy the sunshine.


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