Saturday, June 19, 2010

75 and counting

I've put in a 75 hour workweek so far and I've still got another 10-12 hours of work to finish up this weekend. Thankfully it looks like I"ll be able to do the weekend work at home - which saves about 3 hours on the road to drive to the office and back.  I'm tired. In a couple hours I'm heading over to my nephew's graduation open house party and tomorrow the family is meeting up for a Father's Day cookout. So I'll have to find those 10-12 hours somewhere between the partying. Sure with the weather would clear up for the weekend - it's looking like thunderstorms later.

There's a big event happening on Tuesday that we're getting ready for.  My goal is to have everything done before I walk in on Monday morning so that any "fires" that need to be put out on Monday can be done without going into panic mode.  Plus I've got other normal work to deal with too.  I'm on the organizing committee for this even but most of my duties as graphic designer couldn't be done until the last minute. I've definitely had the opportunity in the past month to exercise my new graphic design brain and use every skill I've learned in my college courses (and a bunch I had to learn as I went along). To say my brain hurts is an understatement. But I'm really impressed with the work I'm doing and very happy with how everything looks. Part of the reason I'm spending extra time on things this year is because I'll be using a lot of the stuff as portfolio pieces.

In other news...
  • I'm having some minor outpatient surgery on Wednesday so I'll have plenty of downtime to recover from this week and the event on Tuesday. (No, not related to WLS - just female stuff that I won't bore you with.)
  • I'm also taking Thursday off work and if I'm feeling up to it, plan to spend the day recuperating at the beach here in town (just a small neighborhood park that's next to a small lake - but there's sand that acts like a beach...)
  • I probably missed the opportunity to pick cherries for freezing. 
  • I ordered a bunch of cool books for my nephew as his graduation gift -- only half of them are here. Is it too much to hope that the rest will be delivered before I leave in 2 hours?
  • In the midst of working way too much this week I've done a very poor job of eating enough protein, drinking enough water and taking all my vitamins.  
..................... I interrupt this blog post to bring you news of a phone call.  Looks like the family is meeting at my sisters to help prep for the graduation party at 9:00 a.m. but nobody remembered to tell me. Guess I'm 12 minutes late already.  Off to grab a shower...


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