Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Day

Today has been an inspiring and exhausting day so far. I spent the day near Detroit at a graphic design conference ... Mostly geared toward student and young designers.  I arrived at 9am and it was a stream of 8 hours of non-stop education, inspiration, learning and soaking up ideas and expertise from a series of speakers who are professionals in the field. I even won a couple desire books in the door prize drawing.

Isn't it interesting, though, that when our focus is so fully on living a healthy life after WLS that motivation lessons about any topic fits so perfectly into that mindset. Yes... You'll hear about "finding you peanut butter" and "being true to your truth" and "not showing what you don't want to sell." I took more than 20 pages of notes today and my head is still spinning.

Now I'm sitting in the restaurant ay Ikea ... Enjoying a dinner of Swedish meatballs... Just about to go attempt 90 minutes of power shopping. Wish me luck!


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